What they say about me

My high energy presentations and quirky sense of humour, always goes down well with audiences...

"Witty, urbane, a little manic..."

"Matt Leopold is one of the most energetic ‘non-sport speakers’ we have seen"

"The delegation rated your session with an average score of: 9.6. For comparison, the average speaker score from the event was: 8.3

“Best session! - Very engaging and very passionate" 

"Bottle this guy and sell him!"

"Energetic, funny, engaging"

"He’s a brilliant, fast-thinking B2B marketer who navigates risk communications on a daily basis"

"Very engaging"

"Honest, insightful and engaging, very good!"

"Energetic and engaging"

"Very engaging/captivating speaker, frank and honest presentation"

"Hilarious and engaging"

"Great presentation, very engaging!"

"Very engaging and insightful"

"Very insightful!"

"Excellent presentation, very engaging"

"Brilliant energy after lunch"

"Very insightful, great energy, some great advice.” 

"You are a wonderful public speaker that really keeps the audience engaged"

"Stay funny, stay relevant and keep your energy.  I'll never forget your presentation."

"I was present at the recent conference in Warsaw at which you spoke and I just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed your presentations and how they were structured to give the audience a good understanding of the sponsorship field. This especially resonated with me in the real life examples that you gave and were analysing. Hopefully one day I can gain some of your excellence in public speaking!"

"Thank you for delivering the most creative and interesting presentation of the day! Very entertaining yet educational"