Matthew Leopold

Marketeer by day, volunteer by night

I love public speaking.  Tell a story, make people laugh, add value.  It's a pretty simple formula.

"Witty, urbane, a little manic..."

"Matt Leopold is one of the most energetic ‘non-sport speakers’ we have seen"

"Bottle this guy and sell him!"

I specialise in PR, branding and sponsorship.  This is often seen as the "fluffy" part of marketing.  But fluffy I am not.  Here's why:

For this to make sense, it is important to understand HOW marketing works.  That's the easy bit.  The more complex (and most interesting bit, in my opinion) is working out WHY it works.  

Thankfully, I'm not just talking to myself.  As a non-exec board director of the European Sponsorship Association, I have been charged with helping the industry better demonstrate the impact of brand and brand activities on business results.